The main brands in the national and international agribusiness chain emphasize the technological advance of the sector, through innovative solutions which aim to increase productivity, profitability, efficiency and economy of the rural producer’s natural resources  


The agribusiness sector will meet from April 30 to May 4 in Ribeirão Preto to hold the 25th Agrishow – Feira Internacional de Tecnologia Agrícola em Ação (Agricultural Technology in Action International Fair), an initiative of the main entities from the sector in the country: Abag – Associação Brasileira do Agronegócio, Abimaq – Associação Brasileira da Indústria de Máquinas e Equipamentos, Anda – Associação Nacional para Difusão de Adubos, Faesp – Federação da Agricultura e da Pecuária do Estado de São Paulo and SRB - Sociedade Rural Brasileira. The event is put together by Informa Exhibitions, a member of Grupo Informa, one of the world's largest publicly traded fair, shows, conference and training promoters. 

Considered the main technological and business event of agribusiness in Latin America and most important showcase of trends for the sector, the event will present innovations in machinery, agricultural implements, irrigation systems, inputs, precision agriculture systems, monitoring and automation solutions, accessories, parts, services and other products from 800 brands, from Brazil and abroad. "Visitors will have the opportunity to witness several technological innovations, both in the Knowledge Arena and on several exhibitors booths, because since Agrishow is fully aligned with the most advanced technologies today. A fine example of this is the connectivity that is currently present in most of the machines exhibited at the fair, "said Francisco Matturro, Agrishow’s President.

Case IH, for example, will release on the 2018 Agrishow the all-new Patriot 350 pulverizer, which has been fully renewed. The machine is designed to meet all the rural producer’s needs. Therefore, the Patriot 350 has three bar size options: 27, 30 and 36 meters and, as a series item, it has nine sections, which avoid applications waste up to 15% and cause less environmental impact.

John Deere will highlight Operations Center, an agronomic data management platform that integrates machine, production and agronomic information. From the information gathered by the machines during the planting, the inputs application and the harvest, and the data crossing, the farmer will be able to centrally and remotely identify opportunities of input costs reduction, operation and machines optimization, management areas, etc. 

Finally, New Holland Agriculture will showcase in its booth a concept tractor which will reinforce the brand's work as a clean energy leader and promotes the use of technology in the field in a sustainable and efficient manner. Additionally, the T9, the largest tractor manufactured by the brand in the world, will also be on display, a tractor which optimizes production in the field and speeds up planting even in the current short windows.

Over 150,000 visitors from 70 countries are expected by the organization and they will be able to find all the required solutions to increase their productivity, improve their efficiency in planting and harvesting different crops, reduce costs, save natural resources and inputs, better manage their pastures and ensure the environmental sustainability of their crop or pasture. 

In the area of precision farming, Hexagon Agriculture will officially show Agrishow 2018 its launch: an integrated crop management solution, in which companies and agricultural industries, especially from the sugar cane and forest sectors, will achieve a higher level of efficiency and greater profitability of resources.

For the livestock sector, Açôres will release their Premium III trunks, recommended for the cattle breeder that breeds and re-breeds, and Americano Premium III, developed for both systems, fattening, complete cycle and confinement. They are practical, comfortable, made of noble wood, export type, and give access to the head and back of the animal. 

In irrigation, Netafim is preparing the official release of Digital Farming technology, a system which will enable real-time monitoring, from irrigation and nutrition planning, to plant growth and soil conditions tracking, everything in real time, with only one click. The great differential of technology is the unification of all the functions required for farm automation and optimization in a single tool, called NetBeat.

Additionally, 2018 Agrishow’s audience, composed of farmers and ranchers, professionals, entrepreneurs and technicians from the production chain, representatives from sector entities, researchers, authorities, government leaders and public bodies members, can plan their visit in a more assertive, scheduling important meetings with suppliers, because the exhibitors are strategically organized, divided by sector.  Among the areas are precision agriculture, family farming, storage (silos and warehouses), correctives, fertilizers, pesticides, safety equipment (PPE), irrigation equipment, tools, implements and agricultural machinery, construction machinery, parts, auto parts (pick ups, trucks and utilities, as well as agricultural airplanes), as well as for the production of biodiesel, bagasse and packaging, insurance, seeds, software and hardware, screens, wires, fences, valves, pumps, engines and vehicles. 


Activities and Attractions

The 2018 Agrishow is also hosting parallel activities which will have full synergy with the rural producer’s demands. The Agrishow Field Demonstration Arena ( Arena de Demonstrações de Campo ) will be a true agricultural technology show. Co-curated by Coopercitrus, it aims to offer knowledge and encourage the use of innovative tools in the field, which end up in productive, profitable and sustainable growth for rural producers.

With two daily performances (10:00 am and 2:00 pm), the Field Demonstration Arena will kick off on May 1st and will feature several machines, implements and technologies presentations. In a covered grandstand, farmers will be able to monitor in real time, live broadcast on high-definition screens, how technologies work inside machines, in addition to video presentations on the technologies presented and their benefits.

A huge hit in the previous edition, the Knowledge Arena (Arena do Conhecimento), the stage for presentations of new technologies, knowledge and trends, will feature lectures, seminars and congresses, aiming to bring information relevant to the day-to-day and business of professionals in the field. On May 1st, the presentations of Sicoob, Siscom, OLX and PWC, and the solemnity of delivery of the Machine of the Year Award, which aims to highlight the technological advance of agricultural machinery marketed in the national market between last year and this year. There are four machines categories: grain harvesters, cane harvesters, seeders and sprayers. The award is promoted by AGRIWORLD Magazine with Agrishow’s support.

ABAG hopes to repeat the “Fórum Inovação” (Forum Innovation) good repercussion from the Knowledge Arena last year. The event will take place from 2:00 p.m. to 4:30 p.m. on May 2 and will bring together leading experts in the different segments of the country's agribusiness chain to present new trends, technological innovations and help disseminate knowledge and information to rural entrepreneurs. 

Also on May 2, from 9am to 11:40am, the Knowledge Arena (Arena do Conhecimento) will host the Agroclima Show, the first forum on climate and its impacts on Brazilian agriculture held at an international agribusiness fair. The Climatempo event will have two panels: "The Impacts of La Niña on Agriculture" and "Precision Agrometrology 4.0". 

Lide Ribeirão Preto will hold its event on May 3, with big names in Brazilian agribusiness. Also confirmed on this date are the following lectures: "Alice - Agriculture Towards Intelligence” from Solinftec, "How agribusiness brands can grow” from Rede Globo, and "Digital transformation in the field: smarter recommendations for agribusiness" from Logicalis.

The 2018 Agrishow organization has prepared a special space for tractor lovers in Brazil. Memórias do Campo will present in the Central Square four treasures from Antonio Tittoto’s private collection. They are: an 8 N” model, a 4 × 2 traction, 25 horsepower, four-cylinder in-line engine, powered by gasoline and manufactured in 1956 by Ford in the United States; the "L25" model from the Italian Landini, with horizontal 1-cylinder engine, 25 horsepower, 4 × 2 traction, diesel powered and produced in 1957; the CBT 3000 tractor, powered by V8, powered by ethanol, produced by CBT Brasil (Companhia Brasileira de Tratores) in 1982; and an "R" model, manufactured in 1954 by John Deere, powered by a two-cylinder horizontal, about 70 horsepower, diesel-powered engine.

The 19th International Business Round, promoted by Brazil Machinery Solutions (BMS), a partnership between Abimaq and Apex-Brasil (Agência Brasileira de Promoção de Exportações e Investimentos - Brazilian Agency for the Exports and Investments Promotion), will take place from May 1 to 3. The round will bring together Brazilian manufacturers from several sectors such as machinery, agricultural implements, and irrigation equipment with foreign buyers from South Africa, Ethiopia, Iran, Nigeria, Peru, Kenya, Russia, Tanzania and Zimbabwe, bringing them especially together in Brazil for these meetings, strengthening the image of Brazil as a mechanical capital goods manufacturer.

The BMS Program is hosting another edition of Projeto Imagem as well, an event in which opinion makers are brought to Brazil to learn about the technology and competitiveness of the Brazilian machinery and equipment industry. For the 2018 Agrishow, the Program will be bringing three press professionals from specialized vehicles in the sector: Revista Actualidad Agropecuaria, published in Panama, Farm Progress Magazine from the United States and Farmers Weekly magazine from South Africa. The journalists' agenda includes the visit to the fair, the seminars that will take place during the event and the follow-up to the International Business Round.

Also during the fair, the “Deusa Ceres” (Goddess Ceres) Award, one of the most classic awards of Brazilian agribusiness, awarded by the Associação de Engenheiros Agrônomos do Estado de São Paulo (AEASP - Association of Agronomic Engineers of the State of São Paulo), is hosted to honor the agronomist engineers who stand out in several different sectors.


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