01st to 05th May 2023 | 8a.m. - 6p.m.

Ribeirão Preto - SP - Brazil


In order to protect the environment and contribute to the quality of life and well-being of the community, Agrishow has been carrying out and promoting a series of sustainable actions. Here are some of the actions:

Recycle Action

The waste recycling action during Agrishow 2019 was aimed at obtaining the maximum possible use of each waste, to avoid ending up in landfills. 591.04 tons of waste were collected during assembly, realization and disassembly of the event, and 55% of the materials were recycled correctly, providing benefits for the environment and the Ribeirão Preto region.Two institutions partnered for this: Cooperativa Mãos Dadas, which serves 38 families and had a 30% increase in monthly income in May 2019; and Reciclagem Pedreira Jurucê, which is part of the Reintegra social project and which uses the workforce of the Prison Progression Center.

Food Donation - Vegetables

The Hortifruti Coopercitrus space in Agrishow showed that, as a small area, with investment in technologies such as irrigation, protected cultivation, among others, the technical orientation can be productive, profitable and sustainable. Vegetables grown in space were donated to the Changing Lives Project that benefited 60 entities and more than 500 people.

Solar Energy

To use renewable and sustainable energy, the photovoltaic energy system was implemented in the bathrooms of the event.

Conducting Exams

The Amor with Amor Institute - action to combat childhood cancer and rare diseases, was present for the third consecutive year at Agrishow. During this initiative, visitors received retinography exams and Stroke tests, in addition to providing prevention information for childhood cancer, rare diseases and cardiovascular accidents.The institute provides psychological and social support, as well as assistance in the transfer and accommodation of patients and their families. The free action is carried out throughout the country through partnerships with hospitals, nursing homes and specialized professionals.