Why do business in Brazil?


According to FNP Economic studies, Brazil possesses approximately 251 million hectares of arable land, of which 66 million (26%) is allocated to crops, and 185 million hectares (74%) are used for pastures. Added to these, the country counts on regular rainfall, abundant solar energy and nearly 12% of all fresh water available on Earth, having excellent conditions for the development of agribusiness, which is currently one of the main drivers of the Brazilian economy.

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Brazil is the world’s top orange juice, coffee, sugar and soybean producer. The second largest of tobacco and world’s third largest of chicken meat. It is also an important exporter of those products and is expected to continue to expand its exports in other areas such as cotton and cellulose.  

Take part in Agrishow!

Agrishow is the biggest and most important agricultural technology trade show in Brazil and one of the largest in the world.

It is the only trade show that brings together agricultural solutions for all types of crops and property sizes and it is recognized as the leading showcase for the main technological trends and innovations in agribusiness.


Qualified buyers:  150,000 visitors / qualified buyers from 90 countries.

Make great deals: R$ 2.9 billion businesses were initiated at the fair.

Promote your products: Agrishow hosts major launches of products and services.

Strengthen and expand the promotion of your brand to the market.


  • 95% of attendees intend to return in 2020.
  • 78% of attendees have a decisive and influential role in the purchase of products, equipment and services.
  • 91% say Agrishow is the best event in the industry.


  • Farmer - Grower
  • Farm Manager
  • Agricultural Engineer / Technician
  • Cattle Farmers
  • Consultant



  • Precision Agriculture
  • Family Farming
  • Storage
  • Correction
  • Fertilizers and Pesticides
  • Safety Equipment / PPE
  • Equipment for Irrigation
  • Tools
  • Financing Services
  • Financial and Insurance
  • Agricultural Implements
  • Agricultural Machinery and Construction 
  • Machinery
  • Auto Parts and Tires
  • Livestock
  • Production of Biodiesel
  • Bags and Packaging
  • Seeds
  • Software and Hardware
  • Wires and Fences
  • Valves, Pumps and Motors
  • Vehicles (planes, trucks, buses,transshipment and utilities)

Exhibitors which participate recommend it!

"Agrishow is the most important agribusiness trade show and here Stara sees the opportunity to showcase its products and technology to Brazil and the world".

Cíntia Dal Vesco
Marketing Manager |Stara

"Agrishow is the leading agribusiness trade show on our calendar. It’s not only the largest agribusiness trade show in the world, but for Baldan it is the most representative, not only in therms of revenue, but because it is a unique moment to meet our partners, customers, suppliers and learn about new technologies and new products".

Márcio Barion
Director | Baldan

"Agrishow has become a watershed at some point, because it has placed us inside a market that Jan did not have before, to say that the trade show is a Brazilian reference for today’s international fair is enough".

Claudiomiro Santos
Commercial Manager | Jan

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