¡Hay muchas razones para que visite Agrishow!

Agrishow es un escaparate de las últimas tendencias y las innovaciones tecnológicas para el mercado agrícola. Visite el evento más grande del Brasil y uno de los más grandes del mundo que contribuye al crecimiento de su negocio.


Venue: Rodovia Prefeito Antônio Duarte Nogueira, Km 321 - Ribeirão Preto - São Paulo - Brazil

Polo Regional de Desenvolvimento Tecnológico dos Agronegócios do Centro – Leste (Centro de Cana).

How to get there?

The event will be held from April 29th - May 03th and takes place from Monday to Friday from 08 a.m - 06 p.m

For international visitors, the online registration is mandatory. Don´t forget to present your ID and/or passport in hands proving that you are an international visitor at the show entrance.

We hope to see you there!

Professionals interested in learning news, trends of agricultural technology, machinery, equipment, products and services in  the following sectors:

  • Precision Agriculture
  • Storage (silos and warehouses)
  • Family Farming
  • Class Associations
  • Universities and Research Centers
  • Correction , Fertilizers and Pesticides
  • Safety Equipment / PPE
  • Equipment for Irrigation
  • Tools
  • Financial and Insurance
  • Agricultural Implements
  • Agricultural Machinery
  • Construction Machinery
  • Parts, Auto Parts and Tires
  • Livestock
  • Production of Biodiesel
  • Journals and Technical Publications
  • Sacks and Packaging
  • Insurance
  • Seeds
  • Software and Hardware
  • Screens, Wires and Fences
  • Valves, Pumps and Motors
  • Vehicles (planes, trucks, buses)

Travel Agency


Phone: +55 (11) 5033-3137 
E-mail: [email protected] 

Emergency:  +55 (11) 3017-7020 (From 06h30 p.m - 08h30 a.m)

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Please access our page below for more information:

VVR company is the responsible for the parking lot at Agrishow 2018.

Check out the prices and information below:

  • Conventional car parking at the fair = R$ 43.00
  • Parking for Vans and Buses = R$ 60.00
  • Vip Valet for the Week = R$ 300.00

Presale for “VIP Valet for the Week” ONLY through the contacts below:

[email protected]                     
[email protected]

Website: www.vvrestacionamentos.com.br

Arrive Early

The parking lot at the fair will be available at 7 a.m. If you realize that you will arrive before this time, wait in a station nearby.

Schedule your visit for edition 2019 and note the tips below:

Clothes and Shoes

Use comfortable clothes and shoes - shoes and high heels are not advisable. It is also advisable to use sun protection because the weather in the region in April is generally hot and the exhibition center is extensive.

*Check out the companies that you want to visit at the fair and make your schedule.

Lost People

In case someone is lost in the event, please pay attention to the Agrishow radio warnings that shall indicate a meeting point. There will be no service available to call for lost people.

The service is not available to announce lost people.

People with Disabilities

There will be eletric cars available (round - trip) in the North and South gates to serve people with disabilities. All restrooms in Agrishow are also prepared to receive you.

If you have any doubt, contact our Visitor Service Center:

E-mail: [email protected] ou Phonel: +55 11 3598.7834


Ropa y Zapatos

Use ropa y zapatos cómodos; zapatos y tacones altos no son aconsejables. También es aconsejable usar protección solar porque el clima en la región en abril es generalmente cálido y el centro de exposiciones es extenso.

Llega temprano

El estacionamiento de la feria estará disponible a las 7 a.m. si se da cuenta de que llegará antes de esta hora, espere en una estación cercana.

Gente perdida

En caso de que alguien se pierda en el evento, preste atención a las advertencias de radio de Agrishow que indicarán un punto de encuentro. No habrá servicio disponible para llamar a las personas perdidas.