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Agrishow - For those who drive agri

Agrishow is the biggest and most important agricultural technology trade show in Brazil and one of the largest in the world.

It is the only trade show that brings together agricultural solutions for all types of crops and property sizes and it is recognized as the leading showcase for the main technological trends and innovations in agribusiness.

In addition to presenting innovation, new technologies and best practices in field handling techniques, Agrishow also plays an important role in developing the agricultural industry by providing a prosperous environment for doing business, making connections and driving the evolution of agribusiness in Brazil.


The world will need Brazil BADLY

Science, technology, and research have enabled Brazil to ascend the highest paths and levels with records in grain production and exports, reaffirming the agribusiness as a fundamental sector for Brazilian development and positioning Brazil as the world's leading food supplier.

The transformative effect of the agricultural revolution in the last 40 years is undoubtedly the most significant fact of Brazil's recent economic history and continues to open perspectives for the country's future development.

The importance of agribusiness in the Brazilian economy:

  • 5th most populous country with 217 million people.
  • Out of a total area of 850 million hectares, Brazil uses around 30% of its territory for agricultural and livestock production.
  • 10th largest economy in the world according to GDP.
  • Agribusiness represents 25% of Brazil's GDP and 44% of total exports.
  • Strong and globally renowned multinational companies already operate in the country.

Responsible for 25% of the Brazilian GDP in 2022, do you know some of the main characteristics of agribusiness in Brazil?

Availability: Less than 10% of Brazilian territory is used as cultivated area.

Favorable environment: This includes an abundance of water, soil suitable for cultivation, and good natural light.

Climate: Despite the favorable environment, Brazilian agribusiness faces challenges such as rain, droughts, pests, and crop diseases.

Diversification: There is a significant number of products, such as fruits, flowers, vegetables, sugar, coffee, soybeans, cotton, cocoa, wood, rubber, meat, and eggs.

Expansion technology: With the advancement of precision agriculture, Brazilian properties are increasingly equipped and connected, using applications and even drones.

Five trends in the application of technology in agribusiness in Brazil:

  • Use of sensors
  • Drones
  • Management software
  • Biotechnology
  • Precision agriculture

Source: PWC

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